hourly grant writing

If you have a specific grant in mind you’d like to pursue, but your team currently lacks the time and know-how to get it done, this may be the option for you. Hourly rates for Granted Fundraising Consultants experts are listed below.

CFRE Professional Consultant Hourly Rate (Starting Nov. 2019)

Professional Consultant Hourly Rate

Every grant application is different, and consequently, time required to complete each one is different. Granted Fundraising Consultants will provide an estimate for time needed to complete your specific grant application. CFRE designates consultants who have received their Certified Fund Raising Executive training and certificate from the certifying body CFRE International.

For more info or to purchase for your organization or as a gift for your favorite nonprofit, click the button below. You can also reach out to us at 501.269.1607.


  1. Upon package purchase, Granted Fundraising Consultants will set up a 30-min. phone call with the purchaser or nonprofit recipient to discuss goals and timeline. If the purchase is a gift, we will send an email informing the nonprofit recipient.

  2. We get to work on your grant proposal(s)!

  3. Granted Fundraising Consultants will present purchaser or nonprofit recipient a draft version of grant application(s) and invite them to make one round of suggested edits.

  4. We will make appropriate edits to the draft(s) and present purchaser or nonprofit recipient with a final version of the grant application(s) ready for submission.


  • All hourly grant writing services sales are final.

  • One complimentary, initial 30-minute planning call/meeting is included in the hourly grant writing services price.

  • Maximum hours of work to be completed by Granted Fundraising Consultants will be determined between purchaser or nonprofit recipient and Granted Fundraising Consultants during initial planning call/meeting. These could optionally include planning calls and/or meetings in addition to the initial set-up call/meeting.

  • Rosters of grant prospects in addition to the one(s) presented to Granted Fundraising Consultants by purchaser or nonprofit recipient are not provided to clients who purchase hourly grant writing services.

  • Grant reporting is not included in hourly grant writing services, unless expressly stated during initial planning call/meeting.

  • Once a final grant proposal document is presented to purchaser or nonprofit recipient, Granted Fundraising Consultants will make no further changes to the document.

  • Gift cards for hourly grant writing services must be redeemed within 12 months of purchase.

  • Granted Fundraising Consultants cannot provide in-kind donation receipts. If purchasing hourly grant writing services as a gift for a nonprofit organization, purchasers are encouraged to request an in-kind donation receipt from the nonprofit organization directly.