Specializing in crafting grant proposals to submit to government agencies, private foundations, and corporations, our team offers a variety of fundraising assistance options. In all our work, we adhere to the Code of Ethics and the Standards of Professional Practice of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. 


proposal writing

Create narratives that demonstrate how your mission aligns with funders' goals. 


grant reporting

We can measure and convey the impact of your work.


copy editing

Let us help you polish your message to the world (including funders). 


funder research

Find the opportunities that best fit your project goals and capacity. 


interim staffing

Trying to stay afloat while hiring new fundraising staff? We can pick up the slack.


Stewardship strategy

Let's figure out when, where, how, and how often to recognize your supporters.


development STrategy

Effective fundraising is not a one-time thing.  Let's make a long-term plan.


Prospect cultivation

Determine the best methods for building a lasting donor relationship.


grant management

Can’t remember why last year’s grant was a bad fit? Let’s make a record for easy reference.

pitch training

Own "the ask," whether you deliver it over coffee or in the Shark Tank spotlight.


Program design

Let’s create a program that serves your community and attracts funders.


fundraising communications

Fine tune the message and audience for your year-end appeal letter, monthly donor club email, and more.

board development

Mobilize your board members for maximum fundraising success.


sponsorship requests

The show must go on. Let’s obtain sponsorship dollars to support it.


Social Media Marketing

Let your donors and those you serve know what’s going on.