5-Step Process

The Granted team delivers retainer services according to a tried-and-true, five-step process, ensuring consistency in the client experience. Focused on thoroughly preparing our clients to apply for grants, steps 1–4 make up the “discovery phase,” which takes place in the first 30 days of working with a new client. Once these steps have been completed, we spend the remaining 335 days of the chronological year on step 5applying for grants!

Once a chronological year has passed (or at the start of each new calendar year if the client prefers), we start the process all over again. This ensures that our amazing clients are continually growing their program goals and that no grant making agency sees the same grant application language twice.


Step 1:

Case for Support

Before we can think about finding grant money, we need to nail down the details of what you want to fund.

Step 2:

Next, we need to determine how much it will cost to meet your program objectives.

Step 3:
Funding Goal

Now we can work with you to determine how much of your projected revenue will come from grants.

Step 4:
Grant Prospecting

We’ll take it from here! Using the info from steps 1-3, we will research grant makers that fit you best.

Step 5:
Application Submissions

We are now ready to start submitting grant applications.